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    A very big place was reserved for giraffes in the zoo which was in Gülhane Park. There lived a mother and a father giraffe with their two children. They were walking with a swaying movement all day long and the visitors were watching them. The mother and the father giraffes had been living in that place for a very long time so that they got used to living there and they didn't complain about it, but their children were bored and they always asked their father: ' How long are we going to live here? When are you going to take us to the places that you have told us in the fairy tales?'.

    One day one of his children asked him, 'Daddy, how did we come here? Who took us here?'.

    Then the father giraffe decided to tell his children the story of their grandfather who lived very far away from there so that they could be able to understand how they ended up in that place.

    And he started:

    'All the giraffes are very tall and have long necks but your grandfather was very short when he was born. As the years passed away he become older but he could not get taller and as he got older the desire to be a star in a circus grew more and more in his heart. He did not want to live in that place, and being an ordinary giraffe was not proper for him. So he started to organize shows in the wood where he lived to achieve his goal. All the animals living in that wood were interested in his shows and watched his imitations of different animals happily.

    One day hunters came to that wood. They were there to catch some animals and take them to a zoo. While they were watching around with their binoculars on a hill, they saw the squad giraffe making his show. When they saw his admirable acting and excellent show they thought that he was a marvellous juggler so they decided to catch him. After the show they started to follow him secretly. The squad giraffe was not surprised because he knew that to be successful there were some difficulties that he had to struggle with. He thought in details about what he should do to dispose of those hunters in and made a very brilliant plan.

    He knew that if he did something without planning it he would have some difficulties and would be caught by the hunters easily. It was impossible to understand what the hunters' intention was and how they were planning to catch him.

    The next day the hunters pinched him near a reed bed. While the hunters were moving ahead they were so happy because they were sure of catching him as there was nowhere for him to run away. When they found out that he disappeared, they could not believe their eyes. They realized that the footprints of the squad giraffe disappeared near the reed bed. In fact this was a part of the giraffe's plan. He escaped from there by getting on a trunk of a tree which he had hidden there the day before. The following day he could hear the hunters saying that if he was caught, he was going to be taken to a zoo. After hearing this conversation he became so happy that he appeared jigging up and down on his four feet. Then he howled like a wolf and roared like a lion. The hunters were shocked when they saw him doing such things and behaving like a fool. After that the squad giraffe started doing all the tricks that he knew one after another and finished his show. The hunters liked his show very much so that they applauded him.

    When he was taken to the zoo, he started living here where we live now. But he continued making his shows in his new home. In the meantime my mother and he fell in love. After a time I was born. When I was a little giraffe I remember that a lot of people were coming here to see him and to watch his shows. He was making his shows all day long without getting tired. By the way an international circus used to come here on certain dates of each year. Once while the circus was being established here the owner of it started walking around the zoo. When he saw the crowd he what was happening there so he smuggled into the crowd. After watching the squad giraffe making his show he understood that he was very talented and could become a world-famous star so he gave him lots of money to transfer him to his circus. The squad giraffe put this opportunity into good use and after a few rehearsals he appeared on the stage. He was so successful that the number of people who came to the circus increased suddenly.

    The circus used to stay for ten days wherever it was established and there used to be only one show during the day. After the small giraffe started working there this changed and four or five shows a day were being made and that year the circus stayed in the zoo for a month.

    The next year when the circus came here my father visited us. He was here to see my mother and me and his friends. We were very happy.

    We were together for about two hours. He told us that he had been to a lot of countries making shows and attracted attention of everybody. He wanted to become a star in a circus and he did his best for this and finally he achieved his goal. He was so happy. Did you understand how we came here to this place?'
    'Yes, daddy we did. We got it very well', the children replied all together and they looked at each other smiling.

    There is an undeniable truth that there is nothing which can not be done if you want to do it so much. Nothing or nobody can stop you. You might have some dreams of your own or you would like to be as successful as somebody you admire there is nothing to stop you so you should go for it. The little giraffes followed their grandfather's footsteps and became very successful circus stars. If you look at the sky very carefully at night you can see them blinking you.

    Written by: Serdar Yıldırım


    The lion, king of woods, didn’t have a son to continue his family and kingdom so that he was very unhappy. If he had a son, his son would grow up in a few years time and walk around in the woods throwing his mane into the air. When he roared to keep the security of the woods all the criminals or the ones who were getting ready to commit a crime would look for a place to hide as they got frightened of his voice and his power. Why didn’t he have a son to leave his crown and kingdom? He didn’t even have a single relative or a child of a relative to whom he might teach how to be a king or manage the woods and who can be the king after he get older. The king must be noble and aristocrat. It wasn’t easy to be a king. Anybody who wants to be a king couldn’t manage the woods. He should have noble descendants. If the king made an ordinary lion the king there would be some problems because that lion might be unable to manage all the animals that lived in his kingdom which might cause a chaos and a rebellion would break up and this might result in death of lots of animals.

    The king of the woods thought that he should leave his kingdom and his crown to a lion which was from his family otherwise he would not be relaxed. So that he decided to check out his family tree once more much more carefully. He agreed on controlling every detail about his father, his grandfather and his other relatives in details. I must find a lion that is noble.

    He made lots of researches for a very long time and as a result he found out some new information about his family. Four generations ago when the king left his kingdom to his elder son the younger one got really upset and that he abandoned the kingdom. While searching for some information about his family he learned that this lion started to live in a very far away wood which was called Grandr. He started a new life which was very simple there. He couldn’t find any other information about what had happened to that lion afterwards. The king invited the fox to his palace and told him about all those things. Then the king wanted the fox to make an investigation if he could find any of his relatives
    in that woods and also he ordered him to bring the youngest and talented one with him to the king’s palace. The fox wasn’t going to tell anyone about his journey to any other animals otherwise it was going to be killed.

    When the fox reached the Grandr woods he saw a small group of people who were listening to a small lion playing the guitar. The fox was really surprised because he had never seen a lion playing the guitar before. And the lion was playing it very well. He wanted to see the lion’s performance and listen to him from a nearer place so that he walked along through the crowds and took a seat at the first row. Now he could hear the sound of the guitar much better. He listened to the lion playing his guitar for a while and as a result he thought that it was such a talented lion. He wanted to listen to the lion’s concert till the morning but it was impossible because when it got dark the lion ended his concert and thanked to those who were listening to his concert. The fox was really impressed and it was the best performance he had ever seen and listened to.

    The next day the fox started his investigation to find out something about what had happened to the youngest son of the king that had left his homeland many years ago. He talked to each of the animals and asked them if they knew anything about that lion and what might have happened to him, if he had any sons or if he died alone without having a family and children of his own but he couldn’t find the answers of these questions because none of the animals that he talked to didn’t gave him a clear explanation. They all told him that they didn’t know anything about that lion and his story.

    The fox’s investigation took ten days and in the end a very old lion confessed that he knew something about the lion that he was trying to get some information about. There was only one lion that survived and all the others had died and that was the lion playing the guitar when he first arrived in those woods. It wasn’t very difficult to find that lion for the fox. He was again giving a concert at the same place. When the concert ended the fox went beside the lion and told him that he was sent there by the king of the woods and that the king had heard about that talented lion so that invited him to give a concert in his palace. The lion accepted the king’s invitation and set off his journey with the fox to go to the palace.

    When they arrived at the palace the fox firstly showed the lion his room and then went to talk to the king about what had happened in details. Fortunately a lion that was noble and coming from the royal family had been found. What is more it was really talented. But his being able to play the guitar surprised the kind and he also thought that it was very strange for a lion to play the guitar.

    After having dinner in the dining room of the palace the lion started his concert. All the animals that were listening to his concert in the palace were fascinated. Everybody thought that he had supernatural powers as if a magical hand was playing the guitar and sometimes the lion was also singing while playing his guitar and that was really unbelievable.

    Day after day as the king got to know the lion he started to love him much more. He was noble, honoured, well informed besides he was respectful and cultured. Moreover he was the king’s cousin. What else would be expected from a lion that was going to be the king? The king decided to leave his kingdom to this lion. But the king couldn’t find a way to explain this situation to him. It was very difficult for the king to do this. The days were passing by but the king couldn’t talk to the lion about his intention. Fortunately he could find the courage at himself to talk to the lion all about. And he told him every detail.

    ‘Here is the family tree and these are the names or our grandparents that were the kings before. When my grandfather was requested as a king after his father, your grandfather left the palace and moved to Grandr woods. And you are the only one who survives of his descendants. I mean you are my cousin and you are the only one who will be the king after I die’.

    The lion wasn’t surprised when he heard what the king had told him. He had listened to those stories from his father many times. He told the king that he had known everything. The king congratulated the lion because of his honesty. He might have pretended as if he didn’t know anything but he didn’t do so. As a result the king was so honoured because of having a cousin like him and he was very pleased that he could find the right lion to leave his kingdom.

    Written by: Serdar Yıldırım
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    In the old times , when in the hay , straw smoke , in a patch Keloğlan lived . This has been very diligent Keloğlan . Work hard, hoping to earn a lot separated from the village , went to work in the city .

    Zaman zaman içinde, zaman saman içinde, saman duman içinde, yaman bir Keloğlan yaşarmış. Bu Keloğlan çok çalışkanmış. Çok çalışır, çok kazanırım umuduyla köyünden ayrılmış, şehre çalışmaya gitmiş.

    Days, weeks , months were chasing each other , but a kind of Keloğlan who do not have what you want . Had found work in the city where there are not continuously have jobs . Works five days , three days, traveling empty , runs for a week , ten days looking for a job if traveling empty . Increase the days worked if some money , with that money in the days of leisure visit would go. Ultimately zero zero. What is prolonged if you shortened . Whether it does , you get a job that runs continuously , you save money . Get a great big house with a garden . Get new items get into the house , get dressed , get put on . Even on holidays you're always having to wear the same dress .

    Günler, haftalar, aylar birbirini kovalamış, fakat Keloğlan istediğini bir türlü elde edememiş. Şehirde iş varmış var olmasına da bulduğu işler sürekli olmazmış. Beş gün çalışır, üç gün boş gezer, bir hafta çalışır, on gün boş gezer iş ararmış. Çalıştığı günler biraz para arttırırmış, boş gezdiği günlerde bu para ile geçinirmiş. Sonuçta sıfıra elde var sıfır. Ne uzar ne kısalırmış. İstermiş ki, devamlı çalışacağı bir işi olsun, para biriktirsin. Şöyle kocaman bahçeli bir evi olsun. Evin içine yeni eşyalar alsın, giyinsin, kuşansın. Bayram günlerinde bile hep aynı elbiseyi giymek zorunda kalmasın.

    Which country goes to the city thought it would change this situation . Abundance and prosperity of the country since childhood he frequently hear on their way to go to the Land of the Rich . Days, weeks and walked way . Have become rich at the end of the Land . Suffered at the entrance door of the house in front of the first villages founded upon a man was sitting under a gazebo . Keloğlan that man come a long way , you want to work , looking for work said . The man glared at Keloğlan and angrily asked : " What are you going to find a job ? "

    Ülkesinde hangi şehre gitse bu durumun değişmeyeceğini düşünmüş. Çocukluğundan beri bolluk ve refah ülkesi diye adını sıkça duyduğu Zenginler Ülkesi’ne gitmek üzere yollara düşmüş. Günlerce, haftalarca yol yürümüş. Sonunda Zenginler Ülkesi’ne varmış. Uğradığı ilk köyün girişinde evinin kapısı önüne kurduğu çardak altında oturan bir adama rastlamış. Keloğlan adama uzun yoldan geldiğini, çalışmak istediğini, iş aradığını söylemiş. Adam, Keloğlan’a dik dik bakmış ve sinirli bir şekilde sormuş: “ İş bulup da ne yapacaksın? “

    Keloğlan : " I have worked and earned money ," he said .

    Keloğlan: “ Çalışıp para kazanırım “ demiş.

    Man has more than one sitting on the knees straighten. In a manner even more frustrated than before : " What do you need money ? " He asked. Man Keloğlan too degraded to the last word . He has a swallowing . One that comes to mind at the time , told me that it will be given up fighting cause . In a calm manner :

    Adam otururken birden dizlerinin üzerinde doğrulmuş. Öncekinden daha da sinirli bir şekilde: “ Parayı ne yapacaksın? “ diye sormuş. Adamın son sözüne Keloğlan çok bozulmuş. Şöyle bir yutkunmuş. O anda aklına geleni söylese kavgaya neden olacağını düşünüp vazgeçmiş. Sakin bir şekilde:

    " I get clean clothes with the money wins . I get vineyard_garden . I get home . I get new items . I'll be the owner . What else can you do with the money ? "He said.

    “ Kazandığım para ile temiz elbiseler alırım. Bağ-bahçe alırım. Ev alırım. Yeni eşyalar alırım. Mal sahibi olurum. Para ile başka ne yapılır ki? “ demiş.

    Keloğlan has the answer man laughed uproariously . " You're a very Keloğlan Gesundheit " he said. " For years , neither wept nor laughed. You've made me laugh, I'm making you laugh . Look Keloğlan our country Rich Country , they say. In this country, money is not used. Already every need is met .

    Keloğlan’ın cevabına adam kahkahalarla gülmüş. “ Sen çok yaşa emi Keloğlan “ demiş. “ Yıllar var ki, ne ağladım ne güldüm. Sen beni güldürdün, ben de seni güldüreyim. Bak Keloğlan, bizim ülkeye Zenginler Ülkesi derler. Bu ülkede para kullanılmaz. Zaten her ihtiyacın karşılanır.

    Everything here is so abundant
    Headlong stream flows
    Apples, pears from the tree falls
    They sleep under the arbor .

    Burada her şey pek boldur
    Dere akar paldır küldür
    Elma, armut daldan düşer
    Çardak altında uyunur.

    My clothes are clean clothes
    There are trials and tribulations here
    Bread, food is free
    Here are our restaurants here.

    Giysilerim temiz urba
    Dert ve keder yoktur burada
    Ekmek, yemek bedavadır
    İşte lokantamız şurada.

    Download moved to the neighboring town sitting at home . If you want to sit there . No purchase , not rent . Every month a new dress, shoes are distributed . Three meals a day are given a free meal at the restaurant village . In the garden, fruit trees , walnut trees are very abundant . Eat, drink , yachts, enjoy. "

    Karşıdaki evde oturan komşu şehre taşındı. Orada sen otur istersen. Satın alma yok, kira yok. Her ay yeni elbise, ayakkabı dağıtılıyor. Günde üç öğün köy lokantasında bedava yemek veriliyor. Bahçede meyve ağaçları, ceviz ağaçları pek boldur. Ye, iç, yat, keyfine bak. “

    Keloğlan settled home that day . Standing home-owner of the bark of the dream. Man in front of the gazebo has set himself an arbor . He did well until the evening came . They went to dinner together with neighbors . Not at the table did not have . Meat dishes, roasting , sweets , rice , have different kinds of compotes . Keloğlan has ever seen such a table .
    By sneezing and wheezing eaten up by, drank. Table at the beginning of faintness , have undergone evil . They Keloğlan forced away from the table . Have brought to the house put him to bed .
    Keloğlan o gün eve yerleşmiş. Durup dururken ev-bark sahibi oluvermiş. Adamın çardağının karşısına kendi de bir çardak kurmuş. Akşama kadar yan gelmiş yatmış. Akşam yemeğine komşusuyla beraber gitmişler. Sofrada yok yokmuş. Etli yemekler, kavurmalar, tatlılar, pilavlar, hoşaflar çeşit çeşitmiş. Keloğlan şimdiye kadar böyle bir sofra görmemiş. Aksırınca ve tıksırıncaya kadar yemiş, içmiş. Sofra başında baygınlıklar, fenalıklar geçirmiş. Keloğlan’ı zorla sofradan uzaklaştırmışlar. Evine getirip yatağına yatırmışlar.

    Keloğlan asleep that night until the morning . They went to breakfast in the morning together with neighbors again . Honey - to pies , the markers have done the - donut breakfast . Then come to their house were sitting under the pergola . Come to dinner was noon , the evening was come to dinner , and then lay down to sleep , it took several months have such a uniform way . Keloğlan gained weight by day , was a fat boy . Keloğlan forgotten the name . The villagers have started calling him Şişmanoğlan.

    Keloğlan o gece sabaha kadar uyumuş. Sabah kahvaltısına yine komşusuyla beraber gitmişler. Ballı-börekli, pastalı-çörekli kahvaltı yapmışlar. Sonra evlerine gelip çardak altında oturmuşlar. Öğlen oldu haydi yemeğe, akşam oldu haydi yemeğe, sonra yatıp uyumaya, bu böyle tekdüze şekilde aylarca sürmüş. Keloğlan gün geçtikçe kilo almış, şişman bir oğlan olmuş. Keloğlan adı unutulmuş. Köydekiler kendisini Şişmanoğlan diye çağırmaya başlamışlar.

    Dream within a dream one night in the house was asleep . Where all kinds of food and drink while eating a big meal itself was seeing . Eaten , drunk eaten , drunk ijtima the swollen , swells the swollen , she had burst at the end of boom and spread to places . Keloğlan associated with this condition have pity . In a move that quickly turned into Şişmanoğlan very hard . Frowning :

    Bir gece evinde uyurken rüya içinde rüya görmüş. Her çeşit yiyecek ve içeceğin bulunduğu büyük bir sofrada kendisini yemek yerken görüyormuş. Yemiş içmiş, yemiş içmiş, içtikçe şişmiş, şiştikçe şişmiş, sonunda boom diye patlamış ve yerlere yayılmış. Bu durumu acıma duygusu ile seyreden Keloğlan’mış. Şişmanoğlan’a doğru çok sert bir hareketle hızla dönmüş. Kaşlarını çatmış:

    " There, you see that Şişmanoğlan . You dream within a dream is over. Now I 'm your virtual dream . Freeliver like to see the waist waist , if you continue to sit back in the end what will happen . In the past you were like me , did Keloğlan . He was strong , agile remember , remember hardworking . And now look at you. Not move a finger to come to you . I'm asking you here for months. What if you win ? Here, too tired to think no avail . Let me tell you the answer : Did not win anything , did you also lose health . Look at me when Şişmanoğlan . My bother me . Or you can go back to the old days , or enter into dream every night , it would beat you with a stick , "he said , remove the stick and started hitting Şişmanoğlan . Awakened from a nightmare that saw Şişmanoğlan wailing . Covered in sweat , though each side hurts .

    “ İşte gördün Şişmanoğlan. Rüya içinde gördüğün rüya bitti. Şimdi ben senin asıl rüyanım. Böyle bol bol yiyip bel bel bakınmaya, yan gelip yatmaya devam edersen sonunun ne olacağını anladın. Eskiden sen de benim gibiydin, Keloğlan’dın. Kuvvetliydin, çeviktin, çalışkandın. Ya şimdi şu haline bak. Parmağını bile kıpırdatmak sana zor geliyor.
    Sorarım sana aylardır buradasın. Ne kazandın sanki? Dur, hiç boşuna düşünüp de yorulma. Cevabını söyleyeyim: Hiçbir şey kazanmadın, ayrıca sağlığını kaybettin. Bana bak Şişmanoğlan. Benim canımı sıkma. Ya eski günlere geri dönersin, ya da her gece rüyalarına girer, bu sopayla seni döverim “ demiş, sopayı kaldırmış ve Şişmanoğlan’a vurmaya başlamış. Şişmanoğlan gördüğü korkulu rüyadan feryat ederek uyanmış. Ter içindeymiş, her tarafı ağrıyormuş.

    " I've eaten at dinner too much rice . I think this is why I'm seeing this nightmare , "he said to himself. In your dreams, they started coming sake . Eventually, in the Keloğlan ' dreams have decided that what they say is the absolute truth . Description is as follows have done : Human surely it should work comes from the study of living in idleness , which was lazing human crises will ship the crisis , the appearance of the human to human may vary, in itself, this situation plenty of eating occur in the form and consequently the fat aware that it has , it is difficult the only way out of the situation is to start working again understand .

    “ Akşam yemeğinde haddinden fazla pilav yemiştim. Bu korkulu rüyayı görmemin sebebi bu herhalde “ demiş kendi kendine. Rüyasında gördükleri hatırına gelmeye başlamış. Sonunda, rüyasındaki Keloğlan’ın söylediklerinin mutlak doğru olduğuna karar vermiş. Açıklamasını ise şöyle yapmış: İnsanın mutlaka çalışması lazım geldiği, çalışmadan yaşamanın tembellik olduğu, tembelliğin insanı bunalımlara sevk edeceği, bunalımın ortaya çıkış biçiminin insandan insana değişebileceğini, kendisinde bu durumun bol bol yemek yeme şeklinde meydana geldiğini ve bunun sonucu olarak şişmanladığının bilincine vardığını, bu zor durumdan kurtulmanın tek yolunun yeniden çalışmaya başlamak olduğunu anlamış.

    The sun rising again to return to the Land of the Rich towards the village on their way to say goodbye . As in the past , you know that hard-working days close , like crochet Keloğlan sees in the imagination as it happens.

    Sabah güneş doğarken bir daha dönmemek üzere Zenginler Ülkesi’ne veda edip köyüne doğru yollara düşmüş. Eskiden olduğu gibi, çalışkan günlerin yakın olduğunu biliyor, hayalinde tığ gibi Keloğlan’ı görür gibi oluyormuş.


    A very curious penguins live at the South Pole was running . These penguins constantly train, and was prepared to contest the front row and always finish the contest would imagine , but either the last or the penultimate race was completed . The greatest success , however, has joined five penguin has become the third in a race . This situation penguins bored one day runner has left his hometown and went to swim in Argentina. Penguin Runner became friends with a monkey here . One day in monkeys :

    "We If we could race hundred yards farther up the tree , can you write me ? "She asked .

    Monkey smiled :

    "That depends . I'll race you there Let's see who will be next to the first tree . "

    A little later the race began. Runners up in the final meters of the race penguin took a step ahead , but suddenly reducing the speed of the monkey helped win the race . In this penguin runner , won the race , but as I passed the monkey or she is bored with me one more does not race , thinking he was effective.

    In the days following the penguin runners continued their friendship with the monkeys . Sometimes they do , sometimes runners in the race penguin, monkey sometimes was the first.

    One day the two friends begin to complete the race , they heard a rustling in the grass . Now they stood up to the side of the sound and saw a turtle came towards them .

    Penguin Runner :

    "Hi friend, we will compete to download the trees . Would you like to participate in this race ? "She asked .


    "I 'm through both of you ," he then , the first runner penguin , monkey , finished second in the race much later than they finished the race . Three days later competed several times , turtles ambitious spoke before a race , but it was always the last one .

    One day I will join the competition running between turtles and tortoises will be the first after saying :

    "Precise my first . Look, you see , I 'm finished the race in the front row . They can not compete with me . Victory is mine , "he said . Turtle took the first race from start to finish was ahead .

    Running from the monkey monkeys participated in the contest and was fourth . Monkey before the contest was always first , he said. Tried very hard to be the first runner to convince the penguins . The debate would almost turned into a fight between the runners penguins go too far :

    "You say it is I will be first , then convince yourself first and then you can not already . To win, you must mean I'm gonna win . This is not to say arrogance , is to think big . Great thinking great things can be achieved. I'm gonna win , I will be first in , first place , "he insisted , but could not listen .

    Here you need to accusations monkey . Monkey in the vicinity of the great thinking and great conversation had heard many times what was wrong . This medieval mentality of the residence was difficult to uproot from his head . Penguin Runner aware of this situation , because the days after the contest with a monkey on the same subject again and again felt the need to talk . He believed in the infinite monkey was champion . Meanwhile the time has passed and it came a moment , the monkeys were first subscribe to .

    After a while runner penguin, decided to return to the South Pole . Acquaintances when saying goodbye to the beach the day after tens of thousands of forest animals as the eye can see that the ocean was ranked in front . Runners left in the middle of an ever-expanding circle less then many penguins , ten thousand of the "Argentine your homeland , do not go stay here " begin to sing , and his eyes were filled with emotion . This was thought to remain in Argentina, where so much loved . When finished runner penguin singing with stentorian voice : " Argentina is my home , I'm not staying here, " he shouted .


    Güney Kutbu’nda koşuya çok meraklı bir penguen yaşardı. Bu penguen devamlı olarak antrenman yapar, yarışmalara hazırlanırdı ve hep ön sırada yarışmayı bitirmeyi hayal ederdi, fakat ya sonuncu ya da sondan bir önceki olarak yarışı tamamlardı. En büyük başarısı ise, beş penguenin katıldığı bir yarışta üçüncü olmaktı. Bu duruma canı sıkılan koşucu penguen bir gün doğup büyüdüğü yerleri terk etti ve yüzerek Arjantin’e gitti. Koşucu penguen burada bir maymunla arkadaş oldu. Bir gün maymuna:

    “ Şu yüz metre ilerdeki ağaca kadar yarışsak, beni geçebilir misin? “ diye sordu.

    Maymun gülümsedi:

    “ Belli olmaz. Yarışalım da görelim bakalım kim önce ağacın yanına varacak. “

    Biraz sonra yarış başladı. Son metrelere kadar koşucu penguen yarışı bir adım önde götürdü, fakat aniden hızını azaltıp, maymunun yarışı kazanmasını sağladı. Bunda koşucu penguenin, yarışı kazandım gibi ama ya maymunun geçildi diye canı sıkılır da bir daha benimle yarışmazsa, diye düşünmesi etkili oldu.

    Sonraki günlerde koşucu penguen ile maymun arkadaşlıklarını sürdürdüler. Ara sıra yaptıkları yarışlarda bazen koşucu penguen, bazen de maymun birinci oldu.

    Günlerden bir gün iki kafadar tam yarışa başlarken, otların arasında bir hışırtı duydular. Hemen doğrulup sesin geldiği tarafa döndüler ve bir kaplumbağanın kendilerine doğru geldiğini gördüler.

    Koşucu penguen:

    “ Merhaba arkadaş, biz karşıdaki ağaca kadar yarışacağız. Bu yarışa sen de katılmak ister misin? “ diye sordu.


    “ Ben ikinizi de geçerim “ dedikten sonra, koşucu penguenin ilk, maymunun ikinci sırada tamamladığı yarışta onlardan çok çok sonra yarışı tamamladı. Üçü daha sonraki günlerde defalarca yarıştı, kaplumbağa her yarıştan önce iddialı konuştu fakat hep sonuncu oldu.

    Bir gün kaplumbağa kaplumbağalar arası koşu yarışmasına katılacağını ve birinci olacağını söyledikten sonra:

    “ Kesin birinci benim. Bak görürsünüz, ben yarışı en ön sırada tamamlarım. Onlar benle boy ölçüşemez. Zafer benimdir “ dedi. Kaplumbağa yarışı baştan sona önde götürüp birinci oldu.

    Maymun da maymunlar arası koşu yarışmasına katıldı ve dördüncü oldu. Maymun yarışma öncesi hep birinci olamayacağını söyledi. Koşucu penguen çok uğraştı birinci olacağına inandırmak için. Aralarındaki tartışmalar neredeyse kavgaya dönüşecekti ki, koşucu penguen fazla ileri gitmedi:

    “ Sen birinci olacağım demedikten sonra, kendini buna inandırmadıktan sonra zaten birinci olamazsın. Kazanmak için, kazanacağım demek gerekir. Bu kibirlilik demek değildir, büyük düşünmek demektir. Büyük düşünmeden büyük işler başarılamaz. Kazanacağım, birinci olacağım de, birinci ol “ diyerek çok ısrar etti fakat dinletemedi.

    Burada maymunu fazla suçlamamak gerekir. Maymun yakın çevresinden büyük düşünmenin ve büyük konuşmanın yanlış olduğunu pek çok defa dinlemişti. Bu ortaçağ kalığı zihniyeti onun kafasından söküp atmak zordu. Koşucu penguen bu durumun farkına vardığı için, yarışmadan sonraki günlerde aynı konuyu maymunla tekrar tekrar konuşmak ihtiyacını hissetti. Maymunun şampiyon olacağına inancı sonsuzdu. Aradan zaman geçti ve öyle bir an geldi ki, maymun birinciliklere abone oldu.

    Bir süre sonra koşucu penguen, Güney Kutbu’na geri dönmeye karar verdi. Tanıdıklarıyla vedalaştığının ertesi günü sahile indiğinde on binlerce orman hayvanının göz alabildiğince okyanusun önünde sıralandığını gördü. Az sonra giderek genişleyen birçok dairenin ortasında kalan koşucu penguen, on binlerin “ Arjantin senin vatanın, gitme burada kal “ şarkısını söylemeye başlamasıyla duygulandı ve gözleri doldu. Bu kadar çok sevildiği Arjantin’de kalmayı düşündü. Şarkı bitince koşucu penguen gür sesiyle: “ Arjantin benim vatanım, gitmiyorum, burada kalıyorum “ diye bağırdı.



    KELOĞLAN a strange once lived in Anatolia . Can not you like to work but our products will be collected from the field , toss a hand KELOĞLAN arrived , he rushed to the aid of neighbors, though . Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant balls though . Not giving money when it's done , just to have lunch with chicken soup . Well, I'm already home home for lunch with chicken soup is cooking, cause I'm tired of working and says if his back .

    One morning clouds gathered in the sky , it suddenly started to rain heavily tarnished and . Even as oil drops of rain and at the end have been flooding to unite. What's left surrounding the house , nor barn , nor the fields , nor the garden . All have been wiped out , took it with him . KELOĞLAN a tree out of the main flood survived.

    Rain was listening to half an hour . KELOĞLAN come down from the tree with the master . KELOĞLAN rain was very angry . He called to the cloud in a shower of :

    "O cloud , big cloud, now you better forget it.
    What's the matter said quickly , looking at it in my face .
    Remember that destroyed the house of a house , why did you leave them homeless ?
    I have my main homeless, we're heartbroken in the bottomless pit. "

    KELOĞLAN 's reproachful words were voiced over the cloud :

    " KELOĞLAN , KELOĞLAN , I am ashamed , I can not look at your face .
    I 'm angry for no reason , go through plenty of oil .
    Do not think I will stay right people , animals , what happens?
    Plantations, gardens would plunder my passes . "

    KELOĞLAN 's cloud upon the request of twenty-four hours before the time taken . The next day it rained in that region , but little by little, fat five hours and have no place waterlogging , flooding has not. So you can be successful with cloud rational solutions of the issues have been learned .


    Bir zamanlar Anadolu'da bir garip KELOĞLAN yaşarmış. Çalışmayı sevmezmiş ama bizim tarladan ürün toplanacak, gel bir el atıver KELOĞLAN, diyen konu komşunun yardımına koşarmış. Domates, biber, patlıcan toplarmış. İş bitince para veren olmaz, sadece öğle yemeği tarhana çorbası. Eh, öğlenleri evde anam zaten tarhana çorbası pişiriyor, neden çalışıp yorulayım der ve yan gelip yatarmış.

    Bir sabah vakti gökyüzünde bulutlar toplanmış, ortalık kararmış ve şiddetli bir yağmur başlamış. Yağdıkça yağmış ve sonunda yağmur damlaları birleşip sel olmuş. Çevrede ne ev bırakmış, ne ahır, ne tarla, ne bahçe. Hepsini silip süpürmüş, alıp götürmüş. KELOĞLAN ile anası bir ağaca çıkıp selden kurtulmuşlar.

    Yağmur yarım saatte dinmiş. KELOĞLAN ile anası ağaçtan inmiş. KELOĞLAN yağmura çok kızgınmış. Yağmuru yağdıran buluta seslenmiş:

    " Ey bulut, koca bulut, artık sen iyiyi unut.
    Nedir derdin çabuk söyle, bakma yüzüme öyle.
    Bir evi olanın evini yıktın, neden sen onları evsiz bıraktın?
    Anamla ben de evsiz kaldık, dipsiz kuyularda dertlendik kaldık. "

    KELOĞLAN 'ın sitem dolu sözleri üzerine bulut dile gelmiş:

    " KELOĞLAN, KELOĞLAN, utanıyorum, senin yüzüne bakamıyorum.
    Ben nedensiz sinirlenirim, bolca yağar geçer giderim.
    Düşünmem insanlar sağ mı kalır, hayvanlar ne olur?
    Tarlaları, bahçeleri talan eder geçerim. "

    KELOĞLAN 'ın isteği üzerine bulut zamanı yirmi dört saat önceye almış. Ertesi gün yine o bölgeye yağmur yağmış ama azar azar, beş saatte yağmış ve hiçbir yeri su basmamış, sel gelmemiş. Böylece bulut meselelerin akılcı çözümlerle başarılı olabileceğini öğrenmiş olmuş.



    Two-storey villa in a sleepy cat , but had a good heart . Villa of the man and his wife who have gone to the office early in the morning or all day if you come as well .

    One day I came here four pups with the mother mouse . Prepare their nest in the corner of the room , began to pilfering food from the kitchen .

    Days have passed increasingly rats love this place , but could not warm up a kind of cat . Being nice to them , they fired at the end of the cat showing the location of food .

    Villa owner, the cat looked gone, replaced have bought a cat named Monster . Monster, drop mouse to go to the kitchen , did not allow their noses to eject it from the slot .

    Open with puppies , the mother mice opportunity to find a few villas and well behaved but sleepy cat found in a hut in the forest . He told her the situation , ask for forgiveness , but cats have definitely return .

    Then cubs field near the mother mice in tears , separated from the villa . Sleepy cat how much you love good-hearted but always told their offspring .



    İki katlı villanın iyi kalpli ama uykucu bir kedisi varmış. Villanın sahibi olan adam ve karısı sabah erkenden bürolarına gidince bütün gün yan gelip yatarmış.

    Bir gün buraya anne fare ile dört yavrusu gelmiş. Salonun köşesine yuvalarını hazırlayıp, mutfaktan yiyecek aşırmaya başlamışlar.

    Günler geçip gittikçe fareler burasını çok sevmişler ama kediye bir türlü ısınamamışlar. Kendilerine nazik davranan, yiyeceklerin yerini gösteren kediyi sonunda kovmuşlar.

    Villa sahibi, bakmış kedi gitmiş, yerine Canavar adında bir kedi satın almış. Canavar, bırak farelerin mutfağa gitmesine, burunlarını yuvadan çıkarmasına izin vermemiş.

    Yavrularıyla birlikte aç kalan anne fare bir fırsatını bulup villadan kaçmış ve iyi kalpli ama uykucu kediyi ormandaki bir kulübede bulmuş. Ona durumu anlatmış, af dilemiş ama kedi kesinlikle geri dönmemiş.

    Daha sonra yavrularını yanına alan anne fare, gözyaşları içinde, villadan ayrılmış. İyi kalpli ama uykucu kediyi ne kadar sevdiğini hep yavrularına anlatmış.



    There was a monkey . In the forest he sold pretzels . But the poor have good hearts was . One day while walking on the sidewalk in these monkeys , the road can not get over- speeding and cornering use of young wild boar was hit by a motorcycle .

    Severity of the impact of the monkey's head struck the wall of a building. Monkey who lost a lot of blood in the hospital and in surgery. The remaining monkeys have finally regained consciousness in a coma for two months. Than a month in hospital and the hospital began to roam the corridors were called monkey trial was knowing what to do when seated in the dock. Engine damage he has left, a young wild boar and given to the court by the family.

    In court, the lawyer representing the family of wild boar , monkey blamed . Monkey, wound healing , and brain damage due to the difficulty with speech , because could not defend himself .

    The judge convicted the monkey . Thereupon, monkeys , wild boar family, lawyer and judge begged , cried , tears have been shed .

    Eventually, the monkey's become sore wild boar family , has withdrawn his complaint and the judge , the monkey released .


    Bir maymun varmış. Ormanda simit satarmış. İyi kalpliymiş ama fakirmiş. Bir gün bu maymuna kaldırımda yürürken, yolda aşırı hızla giden ve virajı alamayan genç yaban domuzunun kullandığı motosiklet çarpmış.

    Çarpmanın şiddetiyle maymunun kafası bir binanın duvarına çarpmış. Çok kan kaybeden maymunu hastaneye kaldırmışlar ve ameliyata almışlar. İki ay komada kalan maymun nihayet kendine gelmiş. Bir ay kadar daha hastanede yatan ve hastane koridorlarında gezmeye başlayan maymun mahkemeye çağrılıp sanık sandalyesine oturunca ne yapacağını bilememiş. Motorda hasar bıraktı diye, genç yaban domuzu ve ailesi tarafından mahkemeye verilmiş.

    Mahkemede, yaban domuzu ailesinin avukatı, maymunu suçlamış. Maymun, yarası iyileşmediği ve beyninde hasar olması sebebiyle konuşma zorluğu çektiği için, kendini savunamamış.

    Hâkim, maymunu suçlu bulmuş. Bunun üzerine maymun, yaban domuzu ailesine, avukata ve hâkime yalvarmış, ağlamış, gözyaşı dökmüş.

    Sonunda, maymunun haline acıyan yaban domuzu ailesi, şikâyetini geri almış ve hâkim de, maymunu serbest bırakmış.



    Villages, towns, cities and puppet moving entertain people walking about saying that there was a puppeteer. When the game ends extend puppeteer hat, if the money collected from the audience, but it would have been less than that money. When playing a giant puppet of the puppet state of joyful, sad state of the game is finished, if separated from the square looking headlong. I just applaud him who, though pitying look.

    One day while playing this puppet puppeteer in a town starving, dizzy, eyes blackened stone hit his head and fell dead on the spot. The audience that you are a part of the game, have applauded the puppeteer. Five hundred people came to watch the puppeteers had five people at the funeral.

    The puppet on roadsides, playing guitar, singing do not empty If you see street performers, give them money. Art can not be purchased with money, but the art is not done on an empty stomach, forget it.


    Köy, kasaba, şehir demeden gezip dolaşan ve kukla oynatarak insanları eğlendiren bir kuklacı varmış. Kuklacı oyun bittiğinde şapkasını uzatır, seyircilerden para toplarmış ama para veren az olurmuş. Kukla oynatırken devleşen kuklacının neşeli hali, oyun bitince üzgün bir hal alır, başı önde seyir meydanından ayrılırmış. Az önce onu alkışlayanlar, acıyarak bakarmış.

    Bir gün bu kuklacı bir kasabada kukla oynatırken, açlıktan başı dönmüş, gözleri kararmış, düşüp kafasını taşa çarpmış ve oracıkta ölmüş. Olanları oyunun bir parçası sanan seyirciler, kuklacıyı çılgınca alkışlamışlar. Seyretmeye beş yüz kişinin geldiği kuklacının cenazesinde beş kişi varmış.

    Yol kenarlarında kukla oynatan, gitar çalan, şarkı söyleyen sokak sanatçıları görürseniz boş geçmeyin, onlara para verin. Sanat parayla satın alınmaz ama aç karnına da sanat yapılmaz, bunu unutmayın.



    A lot of time with high walls and a city-state ruled by a king had. The people lived in peace. One day, two dragons from the jungle town was seated next to the right and left of the entrance. Themselves as victims of a people to be given every day or have said they will destroy the city.

    The king, the queen's head despite the objection, agreed to the request of the dragon, and the dragon gave it to two people every day. Subsequently ever increasing demands dragons have five to human interests. The townspeople began to dwindle.

    Let's destroy the dragon of night raids, saying that since the first day, which annoys the king's head spared queen escaped from the city. If the king in the last remaining human city, has been fed to the dragon.

    Even if you are the king heed to the recommendations. If you do not heed to the recommendations, the proposal that escapes goes, if you can not escape, you're caught.


    Vaktiyle çok yüksek surları olan ve bir kral tarafından yönetilen bir şehir devleti varmış. Halk, huzur içinde yaşıyormuş. Günlerden bir gün ormandan gelen iki ejderha şehrin giriş kapısının sağ ve sol yanına oturmuşlar. Kendilerine her gün birer insanın kurban olarak verilmesini yoksa şehri yıkacaklarını söylemişler.

    Kral, baş vezirin itirazına karşın, ejderhaların isteğini kabul etmiş ve her gün iki insanı ejderhalara vermiş. Sonradan ejderhalar isteklerini giderek arttırarak beşer insana kadar çıkarmışlar. Şehir halkı giderek azalmaya başlamış.

    Gece baskınıyla ejderhaları yok edelim, diyerek ilk günden beri kralın başını ağrıtan baş vezir şehirden kaçarak kurtulmuş. Şehirde son kalan insan olan kral ise, ejderhalara yem olmuş.

    Sen kral bile olsan önerilere kulak as. Önerilere kulak asmazsan, öneriyi yapan kaçar gider, sen ise, kaçamaz yakalanırsın.



    When he was born feet were intact. Floating in the creek with friends in the grass, rushes , was played . Love was installed . If you have a friend jokingly mild , but boredom is not responding , you do not have to do with playing the game they play , have gone away . Age grows at our own grown , growth spurt. His well-intentioned , clean -hearted behavior , words , movements by large have always snore . Was the subject of ridicule in many places . They always exclude him , did not accommodate them . What he does, remedy, being separated from the dear little fellow was found .

    Was run , in the long run along the stream had to . Further , go further , there also have liked to see . He loved to run . From running , could not imagine life without sweating . Especially the run after he came to the zero point , all the troubles of this world , albeit for a few hours of boredom reset the time zone tasting the exquisite did not know that .

    Good that our duck Omar, alone in the woods while visiting , come out from behind a tree from the fox biting his foot barely survived. Fox with his foot hit the other one with the fangs of the survivors , Omar had escaped and saved lives . Have washed your feet go into the slot , wrapped in a clean cloth . Omar listened to two days , then Taking short walks in the river would improve the movement of your feet . Full status on the left foot had pressed me or resolves with time , he said. On the other hand continued life . Omar went to his little friends sluggish walk . All of his friends , were very upset about Omar's case . Omar's inability in tears , cried with him .

    Easier said than six months have passed since the break . During this period, his feet did not show any improvement . Closed the wound in the left foot heel , heel completely healed , but had difficulty pressing on . What kind of bass at the time pitied . He felt sorry for the not so rushed . Big ducks peers , they have met with a smile and his gait had forgotten her real name . Now had a new name : Lame Duck


    Doğduğunda ayakları sağlamdı. Arkadaşlarıyla birlikte derede yüzer, çimenlerde koşar, oynardı. Sevgi yüklüydü. Bir arkadaşı şakayla karışık hafiften vursa, karşılık vermez ama canı sıkılır, oyun oynuyorlarsa oyunla ilgisi kalmaz, uzaklaşıp giderdi. Yaşı büyüdükçe kendi de büyüdü, boy attı. Onun bu iyi niyetli, temiz yürekli davranışları, sözleri, hareketleri büyükler tarafından hep horlandı. Pek çok yerde alay konusu oldu. Onu daima dışladılar, aralarında barındırmadılar. O da ne yapsın, çareyi, sevgili küçük dostlarından ayrılmamakta buldu.

    Koşardı, dere boyunda uzun koşulara çıkardı. Daha ileriye, daha ileriye gitmek, oraları da görmek isterdi. Severdi koşmayı. Koşmadan, terlemeden bir yaşam düşünemezdi. Hele o koşudan sonrası sıfır noktasına gelme, şu dünyanın tüm dertlerinin, sıkıntılarının birkaç saatliğine de olsa sıfırlandığı enfes zaman dilimini tatmayan bilmezdi.

    Şu bizim ördek yani Omar, ormanda yalnız başına gezerken, bir ağacın arkasından çıkıp ayağını ısıran tilkiden zor kurtuldu. Tilkinin sivri dişlerinden öteki ayağıyla vurduğu tekmeyle kurtulan Omar, kaçarak canını kurtardı. Yuvasına gidip ayağını yıkadı, temiz bir bezle sardı. İki gün dinlenen Omar, daha sonra dere kıyısında kısa yürüyüşlere çıkarak ayağının hareket kabiliyetini geliştirmek istiyordu. Sol ayağı üzerine tam basamama durumu vardı ya zamanla düzelir diyordu. Diğer yandan hayat devam ediyordu. Omar ağır aksak yürüyüşüyle küçük dostlarının yanına gitti. Dostlarının hepsi, Omar’ın durumuna çok üzüldüler. Omar’ın gözyaşlarına hakim olamaması sonucu, onunla birlikte ağladılar.

    Dile kolay aradan tam altı ay geçti. Bu sürede onun ayağı hiçbir düzelme göstermedi. Sol ayak topuğundaki yara kapanmış, tamamen iyileşmişti ama topuğunun üstüne basmakta güçlük çekiyordu. Bastığı zaman da ne biçim acıyordu. O, en çok koşamadığı için üzülüyordu. Yaşıtları büyük ördekler, onun yürüyüş şeklini gülümsemeyle karşılamışlar ve ona gerçek adını unutturmuşlardı. Artık yeni bir adı vardı: Topal Ördek


    A kangaroo hadn’t been able to have a baby
    It had adopted a rabbit and had put it into its bag
    The kangaroo had been happy and so had the rabbit
    But the others had been angry so,

    They had made a plan to get rid of the rabbit
    They had kidnapped the rabbit while sleeping
    The kangaroo had seen her empty bag when she had woken up
    She had been shocked and sorry

    And had made an arrangement with the poisonous snake
    In the bag had been the snake and the kangaroo among the others
    Being afraid of the snake the others had given the rabbit back
    And they had said that that was a plan in a plan.


    Kangurunun birinin yavrusu olmazmış
    Bir tavşanı evlat edinip torbasına koymuş
    Kanguru memnun, tavşan mutlu
    Ama diğer kangurular kızgınmışlar.

    Tavşandan kurtulmak için, bir plan yapmışlar
    Onlar uykudayken tavşanı kaçırmışlar
    Kanguru uyanınca bakmış torbası boş
    Şaşırmış kalmış buna olmuş içi bir hoş.

    Kanguru zehirli yılanla anlaşma yapmış
    Torbada yılan, kanguru kangurular arasında
    Yılandan korkan kangurular tavşanı geri vermişler
    Plan plan içinde böyle olur demişler.



    An African Negro Boy
    Had been a magician’s apprentice
    Had changed himself into an elephant
    Instead of changing an elephant into human

    While he had been walking,
    In the fields and mountains
    A huge thorn had pricked his foot
    The elephant had felt too much pain

    He had asked the lion, the tiger, the eagle
    The fox, the wolf, the owl
    The rabbit for help
    Whoever had seen the elephant had run away.

    Mourning and crying
    The elephant had returned to his village
    His mother, father, uncle
    Had escaped from the elephant with childish voice.

    But brave Toro
    Moro’s friend
    Hadn’t known what fear had been
    Had pulled the thorn out.

    Moro had been an elephant forever
    Hadn’t left Toro
    Their story had become
    Legendary in the world.


    Afrikalı bir zenci çocuk
    Büyücü çırağıymış
    Fili insan yapayım darken
    Kendini fil yapmış

    Dağlarda, bayırlarda
    Gezerken ayağına
    Kocaman bir diken batmış
    Filin canı çok acımış

    Aslandan, kaplandan, kartaldan
    Tilkiden, kurttan, baykuştan
    Tavşandan yardım istemiş
    Fili gören korkup kaçmış

    Fil ağlana, sızlana
    Köyüne geri dönmüş
    Anası, babası, amcası
    Çocuk sesli filden kaçmış

    Fakat cesur Toro
    Moro’nun arkadaşı
    Korku nedir bilmezmiş
    Dikeni çekip çıkarmış

    Moro hep fil kalmış
    Toro’dan ayrılmamış
    Onların öyküleri
    Dünyada destanlaşmış.



    There was an old woman
    In the night, day she was crying
    Continually shedding her tears
    Splashing like a spring.

    Home you designate is only a room
    How can we live in there?
    Always have soap in the mourning and evening
    Troubles are waiting for their turn.

    One day a man arrived at there
    Gave greeting with the woman
    “I purchased this place
    Make it emptied” he said.

    “Woe to my aggrieved head
    My tears never stopped shedding
    Where can l go to
    Have no stone already erected, too.”

    “You are existing today, tomorrow you are absent
    Have a habitation for yourself;
    You assemble your bed
    on the land over there…”

    “Heavens! Is it acceptable, my son,
    To hit a kick to who fallen down?
    Don’t make, don’t act,
    Is it possible to stay in the street?”

    Day turned, tomorrow arrived
    She moved from her room
    Her friend in the night
    Was moon and star…


    Bir yaşlı kadın vardı
    Gece, gündüz ağlardı
    Gözyaşları durmadan
    Çağlayan bir pınardı.

    Ev dediğin tek oda
    Yaşanır mı burada?
    Sabah, akşam hep çorba
    Dertler bekler sırada.

    Bir gün bir adam geldi
    Kadına selam verdi
    “Satın aldım burayı
    Boşalt odayı “dedi.

    “Vay benim dertli başım
    Hiç dinmedi gözyaşım
    Nerelere giderim
    Yok bir dikili taşım.“ .

    “Bugün var, yarın yoksun
    Kalacak yerin olsun;
    Karşıdaki arsaya
    Yatağını kurarsın. ”

    “Aman oğlum olur mu?
    Düşene vurulur mu?
    Etmeyin, eylemeyin
    Sokakta yatılır mı? “

    Gün döndü, yarın oldu
    Odasından taşındı
    Geceleri arkadaş
    Ay ile yıldız oldu.


    Yazan: Serdar Yıldırım

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